"All of our soaps contain very good quality cold press olive oil and a small amount of unrefined coconut butter. Olive oil has countless benefits for our skin. It isn't surprising that since ancient times, it has been used for soap making. Olive oil soap has super healthy antioxidant properties, it helps regenerate the skin, provide relief to eczema and psoriasis and gives a hyper moisturising effect. They can all be safely used for facial washing but still need to be careful around the eyes, as it can be a little stingy. "

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Charcoal Cold Press Soap

Charcoal treats oily skin perfectly, makes skin tighter and firmer and reduces pore size. This bar..


Citronella Cold Press Soap

Citronella essential oil removes body odour, heals joint pains, sprains and swelling, scalded skin a..


Naked Cold Press Soap

This is our only soap that doesn't have any scent. It has a very high moisture and perfect for dee..


Peppermint Cold Press Soap

Peppermint soaps acts as a refreshing skin tonic and cools down inflammation caused by skin blemish..


Rose & Geranium Cold Press Soaps

Roses have been used cosmetics and therapeutic treatments for centuries. This precious essential oi..